Preston Industrial Park - Northern Precinct

DevelopmentWA will develop Preston Industrial Park – Northern Precinct in conjunction with the South West Development Commission and other stakeholders, with the balance of the area remaining in private and Water Corporation ownership.

Drawing on a range of technical studies and investigations, a draft District Structure Plan and Environmental Appraisal for the project has been developed in consultation with the WA Department of Planning and key local stakeholders.

The planning carefully considers the responsible development potential of the estate, providing a long term supply of industrial land while balancing and enhancing the conservation values of the area.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) set the level of assessment of the district structure plan as Assessment on Proponent Information (API) in August 2011. A proposal will be submitted by DevelopmentWA for assessment by the beginning of 2017.

Sustainability in Action

Preston Industrial Park – Northern Precinct balances a modern and sustainable industrial park with a consolidated and well-managed conservation area. The estate's Environmental Management and Enhancement Package proposes a range of initiatives for the conservation area, including:

  • Rezoning land environmentally significant land from 'rural' to 'regional open space'
  • Revegetation of degraded land
  • Protection and enhancement of conservation category wetlands
  • Creation of an 'ecological link' to connect the northern and southern precincts of the estate
  • Vesting land in the Crown to secure permanent protection

 Large areas identified for the proposed development are degraded and have been subject to long-term disturbances, including clearing and grazing, firewood collection, off-road vehicle use and rubbish dumping.

A protection and enhancement area totaling 234ha will be created and zoned Regional Open Space.

The majority of identified cockatoo habitat will be preserved. Vegetation identified by the Environmental Protection Authority as high environmental value will be permanently protected.

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Preston industrial park - northern precinct