Preston Industrial Park - Northern Precinct

Project Planning

Why is the State Government proposing the development of the Preston Industrial Park – Northern Precinct?

Bunbury's importance as the key city of South West region including its expanding role as a support centre for surrounding resources and rural industries means demand for suitable general industrial land continues to grow.

The WA Planning Commission's report titled Industry 2030, Greater Bunbury Industrial Land and Port Access Planning Final Report anticipates the creation of 2,100 jobs in general industrial estates out of a total growth of 10,000 jobs in the Greater Bunbury area. It is estimated that Preston Industrial Park – Northern Precinct could provide 1,130 jobs – over half the number of light and general industry jobs required.

At what stage is the planning process?

The District Structure Plan & Environmental Assessment (DSPEA) has been drafted based on a range of technical studies. DevelopmentWA is required to achieve both State and Federal environmental approvals for the development of the land, prior to the DSPEA being approved by the Western Australian Planning Committee

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) set the level of assessment of the DSPEA as Assessment on Proponent Information (API) in August 2011. The Assessment on Proponent Information (API) will be submitted to the EPA for consideration at the beginning of 2017.

DevelopmentWA will also refer the project for assessment to the Commonwealth Department of Environment under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) at the begining of 2017.

How big is the Preston Industrial Park – Northern Precinct?

The project comprises 271ha development area and 234ha protection and enhancement area.

Why build the Industrial Park on this site?

Preston Industrial Park has long been recognised for its strategic location to road and rail transport and infrastructure; and its proximity to Bunbury's port and city centre.

The greater majority of the area designated for development has been previously degraded through previous use as rural land.

The development of Preston Industrial Park will help accommodate an additional 2,100 jobs identified in the WA Planning Commission's report - Industry 2030, Greater Bunbury Industrial Land and Port Access Planning Final Report. Preston Industrial Park is expected to generate up to 1,130 jobs.


How much native bush will be cleared to develop the Preston Industrial Park?

The majority of the District Structure Plan and Environmental Appraisal developable area has been degraded through previous actions including; clearing, grazing, rubbish dumping and off-road vehicle use.

Subject to relevant State and Federal approvals, a total area of 69.6ha of trees is proposed to be cleared .

How much land will be reserved as Conservation Area?

The draft District Structure Plan and Environmental Appraisal proposes a total area of 234ha to be established as a conservation area. This is in accordance with the EPA section 16 advice (2008), and includes both state and privately owned land.

This area will be protected from development and enhanced through the implementation of an Environmental Management and Enhancement Package. The WAPC has determined the the District Structure Plan will not be approved without the relevant State and Federal approvals in place.

How will this area be maintained?

Subject to achievement of environmental approvals and the onset of development, the conservation area, including wetlands enhancement and preservation will be established and prepared for hand over to the future conservation area manager.

Has the development of Preston Industrial Park received environmental approval?

The proposal is currently progressing through planning stages.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has set the level of assessment of this development as Assessment on Proponent Information (API) in August 2011. A proposal will be submitted by DevelopmentWA for assessment by the beginning of 2017

Will this development affect any threatened species?

The project's Environmental Management and Enhancement Package include protection and enhancement of the local environment and propose a range of initiatives within the proposed conservation area:

  • Rezoning land from 'rural' to 'regional open space'
  • Revegetation of degraded land
  • Protection and enhancement of conservation category wetlands
  • Creation of an 'ecological link' to connect the north and south precincts
  • Vesting land in the Crown to secure permanent protection

 There will be no heavy industry within the Preston Industrial Park.

Will Preston Industrial Park accommodate heavy or noxious industries?

No. It will be used only to accommodate general industry such as in the fabrication, transport and repair and maintenance businesses.

Economy and jobs

What type of jobs and how many jobs will the estate create?

The estate is planned to attract general and light industries such as steel fabrication, transport and warehousing.

It is anticipated that by 2031, the greater Bunbury region will need to accommodate an additional 10,000 jobs of which 2,100 jobs will be required in general industrial estates.

The Park will meet much of this demand, by creating 304 hectares of general industrial land to facilitate the employment of an estimated 1,130 workers in the wider region.

The district structure plan will maximise the site's development potential and provide a long term supply of industrial land