Broome North

Broome North Local Centre Development Amendment FAQ's

What is proposed for Broome North?
Broome North is the town’s largest land development comprising a future district shopping centre, four schools, Blue Haze light industrial precinct, and three residential estates. Once fully developed, it will double the size of the population of Broome.

Development is expected to take more than 20 years to complete. The 700 hectare project will include seven different residential neighbourhoods, primary and secondary schools, a variety of parks and open spaces, a district shopping centre with retail and commercial facilities, as well as light industrial and tourism opportunities.

Who’s involved in the development of Broome North?
DevelopmentWA, the State Government development agency is the developer of Broome North. We are working in close consultation with the Shire of Broome, the Department of Planning and Nyamba Buru Yawuru to ensure the development responds to the environmental conditions and cultural heritage of the area.

We have brought together some of the State’s leading architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, and technical advisors to help shape the master planning of the Broome North development area.

Early community feedback played a significant role in development and resulted in a key early amenity delivered to Broome North, with the establishment of the Caltex Star Mart convenience store on Flowerdale Road and the centrally situated Broome North Primary School as well as eight landscaped parks with amenities to cater for all ages are nestled throughout the estate, connected by a series of cycle paths that extend from Waranyjarri Estate to Sunset Park and Cable Beach.

What is the Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy?
The Local Commercial Strategy was developed by the Shire of Broome to provide direction for commercial land-use planning in Broome over the medium to long-term. It has been developed to guide the location and size of future commercial development within the Shire.

The Local Commercial Strategy is based on a review of the Shire of Broome’s previous Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No.6. It drew insights from local commercial enterprises, government and major facility operators, population trends and household and business expenditure data, to provide a new medium and long-term Commercial Land Strategy.

Why have changes been made by the Shire to their Local Commercial Strategy?
The Shire regularly reviews its strategic planning documents to ensure they remain up to date and adapt to changing economic conditions.  The Local Commercial Strategy was last updated in 2017 to respond to the population growth and changes to the commercial activity taking place. 

How do changes to the Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy affect DevelopmentWA’s proposed Broome North Local Centre?
DevelopmentWA is undertaking the amendment to ensure the Broome North Structure Plan is consistent with the Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy. The  Strategy has redesignated the Local Centre site from a “Proposed commercial site” to a “residential site”. This means it should now be developed for low density home sites similar to those in the surrounding area. A proposed Child Care Centre site will remain presenting a future development opportunity.

What have DevelopmentWA done to establish a Local Centre in Broome North?
Over the past ten years  DevelopmentWA have advertised the Local Centre as a development opportunity seeking expressions of interest.  Unfortunately there has been a lack of respondents.

What are the plans for the future Broome North District Centre?
The Shire of Broome’s Local Commercial Strategy identified a long term plan for a Broome North District Centre to be developed on the corner of Gubinge Road and Fairway Drive.  When built out, the future District Centre will accommodate  two full size supermarkets as well as smaller retailers, and is expected to delivery significant amenity to the wider Broome North area.

What is happening to Tanami Drive?
The section of Tanami Drive between Magabala Road and Shingoro Street will be built when the site is developed for residential lots in the near future. The section connecting Waranyjarri Estate to Cable Beach will be completed as part of the longer term Broome North development. 

Will changes to the Local Centre Development plan affect Broome North Primary School?
Broome North Primary School will not be affected by changes to the Local Centre Development Plan, and provision in the site for a future Child Care Centre opposite will be included.

Can I have a say?

The Shire of Broome is currently seeking public comment on the local planning scheme amendment. Click here to comment 

Submissions on the planning scheme amendment may be lodged in writing and should include the amendment number, the property affected and the details of the submission and lodged with the undersigned, PO Box 44, Broome WA 6725 on or before 4pm on Thursday 14th January 2021. E-mail submissions will also be accepted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I find out more?
To stay informed about the Broome North Local Centre Development Plan click the stay informed button at the top of this page and register your details or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.